Choir Workshops,

Boot Camps 


The Glee Challenge Choir Workshop

Free to participating 

schools in Glee Challenge

Designed to support schools entering the Glee Challenge, this is a one hour workshop conducted by one of our highly qualified and experienced tutors working with your school Glee choir.

The session is designed to be flexible to the school's needs in respect of their Challenge entry and may include some or all of the following

  • the Glee Challenge requirements

  • Vocals

  • Choreography

  • Team Work

  • Performance

We will do our best to fit our sessions with school requirements but please do remember our tutors are providing around 150-200 workshops so their time is precious and we do need a little flexibility from participating schools 

Song and Dance Leaders & Playground Champions


This programme runs a few times a year and is a key element within the singing school initiative. Staff sign up to be the 'song' person for the whole school and the key contact for the singing schools framework.  


The Frisson team, you and other song champions from across the sector come together to explore best practice and new ideas for the delivery and embracement of song in their schools. The sessions explore

  • best and innovative practice

  • how to create a nurturing learner led approach to music in a school

  • how to bring together the various aspects of song in the school as part of a cohesive school wide strategy and programme which fits with the wider school curriculum and other external requirements

  • how to use song and dance in raising attainment, supporting literacy, health and well being and developing the young workforce.

  • how best to engage the school community


Free Trial

Our on-line courses are designed to help staff  gain confidence, knowledge and new ideas in using song with the school curriculum. Each course is broken down into sections which provide a step by step guide for different song and dance exercises, ideas and technique.

The courses are designed to support staff in Scottish Primary Schools (based on CfE). The material can be adapted to be used in any learning environment by anyone wishing to boost their confidence and knowledge in delivering song and dance.

Courses currently available

  • warm up exercises

  • build your own Glee choir

  • outdoor singing and dancing