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Theme: SPACE


Set Song 1 - 'SPACE MAN'  -  SAM RYDER

This song forms the basis of the heats and must be performed using the backing track provided.

Set Song 2 - ''MAJOR TOM (coming home)'' - SHINY TOY GUNS (resources coming soon)

 Set Song 2  must be used for the regional finals.

Either of the set songs may be selected for the National Final  


Must be submitted using the form below. You can also find links to songs already chosen at the foot of the form.

judges view.jpg
judges view.jpg

Set Song 1 


We anticipate that children will know this song and be happy to engage.

Backing tracks, lyrics and resources are all provided on this page, additional resources are easily found on the internet. For the set songs the backing track (no vocals) provided must be used, no other track may be used. Choirs are not allowed to perform the song

 A Capella.

Backing tracks are as follows

All resources provided on this page are intended for use as part of participation in the Scottish Primary School Glee Challenge 2024 and may not be used for any other purpose. Copyright in all cases lies with the originator.

Copyright for the song, music and lyrics sits with the performer, Sam Ryder, song writers 

Amy Victoria Wadge / Max Wolfgang / Sam Robert Robinson and Universal Music Publishing Ltd.

Set Song 1

Additional Resources

Movement Resources

The resources provided here are provided to highlight ideas for the choir leader and not necessarily for use in class.

short video of chorus

Short video start of song only

Above 2 definitely just for the teacher

Signing Resources

In line with our inclusive communication strategy choirs are encouraged to include signing within their performance of the set song. This can be  all of the choir, part of the choir, a trio, duet or soloist and can be all of the song, part of the song e.g. verse or chorus.




Additional Resources

These resources/links are intended to support extension of the theme  the subject across other curriculum areas.


Lyrics missing word activity

Lyrics word search

Space Creative Activity (TES)

BBC Primary School Space Songs


CD blur.png



  • All choirs will be expected to perform two songs; the set song and a song of their own choice.

  • Please note that a medley of songs is not permitted. A mash up of two songs will be allowed

  • For the second song, choirs are expected to sing along to a pre-recorded accompaniment or backing track. The track must not contain any vocals and must be wholly instrumental.

  • Choirs may sing their second song Acapella, should they wish.Please state on form.

  • The second song should reflect the chosen theme for this year’s Challenge i.e. SPACE

  • Songs must be appropriate. Please check lyrics and meaning ascribed to the song.

  • 2nd song choice must be submitted on the form opposite.

  • To ensure variety and engagement of participating children and carers/parents at the events a song, other than the set song, may only be performed once at each sectional/heat. Please submit your song choice asap to help secure your choice.

  • The organisers will have final say on the choice of song

  • We will require mp3 versions of your song no later than 6 weeks prior to your heat


Currently, the following song may not be chosen as it is still under consideration for set song 2 -  Drops of Jupiter - Train. For rules regarding all other song choices see above - to see what is already chosen see across.


The interpretation of Space for the song choice can be wide ranging e.g. from planets, moon, sun, stars, world, earth, space travel, astronauts, it can also be the name of the band e.g. 30 seconds to Mars. If you are looking for a little inspiration have a look at



Thanks for submitting your song choice!
We’ll get back to you shortly.


Already made. 

Please click on the planet image to access the current song choices made by schools for all areas. We will update this as often as we can. 

Set Song 2
Resources to follow

Earth from Space
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