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The Glee Challenge, Singing Schools and the Curriculum of Excellence

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Music for me should be the heartbeat of a school. The numerous life skills developed through music are a fundamental part of a rich and creative curriculum.’

                                                A Stockton, Headteacher, Sarisbury Junior and High School

The Four Contexts


Curriculum is defined as the totality of all that is planned for children and young people,  early learning and childcare, through school and beyond. The Glee Challenge, the singing school initiative, music and performance have the capacity to enrich the curriculum across the whole school, all of its curriculum areas while strengthening the ethos, culture and community engagement of the school. Education Scotland state that the totality of the school curriculum can be planned for and experienced by learners across four contexts.  The contexts are outlined in the Education Scotland diagram below: examples of how the Glee Challenge may contribute to each of the contexts are included for quick illustration.


Curriculum areas

The eight curriculum areas within Curriculum for Excellence are well established and are noted below:

  • Expressive arts

  • Health and wellbeing

  • Languages (including English, Gaidhlig, Gaelic learners and modern languages)

  • Mathematics

  • Religious and moral education

  • Sciences

  • Social studies

  • Technologies

It is important to note that within these areas literacy, numeracy and Health and wellbeing are identified as being the responsibility of all staff.


How Glee contributes and matches with these three areas and the Expressive Arts curriculum is explored within the resources section.


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