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NOTE: Submission Date now 11th April
Video Submissions  to gleechallenge@frissonfoundation.org.uk

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Glee Challenge 2022 RULES

Challenge Rules


  • Entries will not be valid unless the payment of £35 is received. Additional choirs, from the same school, are charged at £25. On receipt of payment you will be notified and access to the member pages will be provided.

  • Entry fees will not be refunded unless there are insufficient entries.

  • If selected, you agree that your choir will attend the Regional Finals on the dates allocated.  

  • You will send your video recordings to the designated transfer site as outlined in the guidance notes on the member site

  • Schools will enter based on their local authority and will be judged in the first instance against schools from their own local authority or regional area. Should there be insufficient schools from any given local authority, schools will be judged against what is considered the next best fitting region. 

  • Schools will be advised of the regional area to which they have been allocated at the end of March 2022.

  • Each choir will submit a video of the choir performing the set song and a song of their own choice. 

  • The combined length of the songs must not exceed nine minutes. 

  • All choirs must use the backing track provided for the set song.

  • For their second song, choirs are expected to sing along to a pre-recorded accompaniment or backing track. The track must not contain any vocals and must be wholly instrumental.

  • As part of the performance children may use instruments e.g. bongos, however, these should be occasional or instrumental to the backing track and should not play a dominant role and will not be included in the judging criteria. No other accompaniment will be allowed.

  • Choirs may sing their second song Acapella, should they wish

  • The recording of each item must be of one take. An entry will be disqualified if there is evidence of such enhancements as dynamic processing, use of auto-tuners, tracking and layering of voices, editing and mixing or any other electronic enhancement. There will be no refund of the entry fee.

  • Recordings must be of the current choir – the choir that if selected would sing at the Regional and National Finals – and not for example a recording of the choir singing the previous summer term when some of the singers would then have left school.

  • Each choir cannot exceed 40 members.

  • Schools may enter more than one choir. 

  • The choir leader must not sing or perform with the choir. 

  • The suitability of the chosen songs will be taken into consideration by the judges. 

  • Singers may only perform as a member of one choir. 

  • Each choir submission will receive written feedback from the judges panel.

  • Entries must be received by no later than 5.00pm on 11th April 2022. Entries received after this will not be considered. 


Regional Finals

  • Based on the submissions received from each area our judges will select 6-8 choirs from the submissions to go forward to the regional finals.

  • It is anticipated that the regional areas will be as follows:

    •  South East -  East Lothian, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scottish Borders

    •  Tayside - Dundee, Perth & Kinross and North Fife 

    •  North/North East - Aberdeenshire, Angus, City Of Aberdeen, Moray etc

    • Central - Clackmannanshire, Falkirk, Central and West Fife, Stirling, West Lothian,

    • South West - East, West and South Ayrshire, North/South Lanarkshire, East  Dunbartonshire, West Dunbartonshire, Glasgow, Renfrewshire


Please note:  this may be subject to change depending on entry  levels.

  • The winning choir from each Regional Final will go forward to the National Final along with three of the top scoring choirs from across all five regions. This arrangement will be dependent upon Covid -19 restrictions, entry levels and as such may be subject to change.  

  • The regional area finals will be held in one of the following venues Aberdeen Beach Ballroom, Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline, The Albert Halls, Stirling, Motherwell Concert Hall and the Caird Hall, Dundee. The venues have been chosen on the basis of capacity, cost and ability to host multiple choirs. Again this may be subject to change.

National Final

  • The National Final will be held in the Caird Hall, Dundee on Sunday 5th  June 2022

  • Logistics for the National Final will be announced nearer the time


  • Performances on the first recorded submissions and of the finalists will be judged on the following criteria: Intonation, tone quality, diction, ensemble, balance, blend, interpretation of music and text, dynamics, phrasing and communication, use of inclusive communication, BSL, SSE or Makaton.

  • The suitability of the chosen songs will  be taken into consideration by the judges in their final decisions. 

  • The judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence with be entered into regarding the results.   


  • The first stage of the Challenge is by video submission and schools are expected to take all appropriate steps regarding photographic permissions of all participating children.  

  • The child/adult ratio when attending any of the finals is 1:10 other than for children who may have additional support needs. Where there are additional support requirements please advise us directly

  • Schools are responsible for all photography permissions and safeguarding issues in respect of their choir.  The Frisson Foundation does have a Safeguarding Policy in place for all events.

  • No photography/videography will be allowed at any of our live events other than that approved by the Frisson Foundation

  • It is anticipated that the school will encourage families/friends of the choir to attend and buy tickets for the finals if selected. We will as far as we can maintain our ticket prices as low as possible.

  • Schools are asked to explore ways and where possible action routes to raise funds to help the school participate e.g. help with bus costs at the live events. We have created a fundraising pack to help. 

  • Details of the finals are to follow – all events will commence at 18.30pm with the exception of the National Final which will be held on the afternoon of Sunday, 5th June 2022.

  • By entering the Challenge, participating choirs agree to be bound by the rules and regulations of the Challenge 

  • No correspondence will be entered into on comments or rules and regulations by either judges or organisers. 


  • The Challenge will be conducted in accordance with all laws, regulations, rules and requirements relating to Covid-19 and any requirements established by any of our live event venues. e.g. the wearing of face coverings, vaccination passports etc. 

  • Should it not be possible to hold the live events e.g. Regional Finals or National Final due to Covid-19 restrictions the organisers reserve the right to hold the regional or National Finals to a Virtual (on-line) Challenge. Details of which will be confirmed at a later stage

  • The organisers and where appropriate the venues reserve the right to alter or remove Covid-19 measures at any time in response to any changes in laws, regulations, rules and requirements relating to Covid-19


  • Entries are to be received no later than 5.00pm on 30th March 2022. Entries received after this will not be considered. 

  • the organisers reserve the right to review and adjust these rules and will advise all participants appropriately should this be necessary 

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