THe Scottish Primary SChool

VIrTual Glee



STEP 1 - Have permission from your carer/parents


STEP 2 - Register (you have already done that or you wouldn't be here)

STEP 3 - Download the backing tracks for both songs

STEP 4 - Join the virtual Glee Challenge choir on Facebook and/or You Tube (see also step 1)


STEP 5 - Follow the workshops on Facebook and/or You Tube. We will announce when these will start. 

STEP 6  - Practice your songs. You will have to practice singing the song with the music being played through headphones so you will need two devices one to play the music through the headphones and one to record. As we get closer to submission time we 'll tell you a little bit more. But you do need to practice singing with the music on headphones because to start with it's a bit weird. So you might need a little help from someone at home. 

We will have submission page which explains how you should load up the videos when we get nearer to the time. 

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