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Scottish Primary School Mini-Glee Challenge 2018

Mini - Glee

Why Mini-Glee?


As we know not all schools are the same and neither are all school Glee choirs which is one of the reasons why it is such fun to take part. Some schools have to limit the Glee choir to P4-P7 for no other reason than sheer size of the school. As a result the P1-P3 children are excluded from the Challenge while others are able to take children from all years. Some schools have a strong singing culture and may feel joining the Challenge is an ideal fit with their culture while others may feel the jump into the Challenge is maybe a step too far. So what better way to develop a singing culture across the whole school and all the benefits that come from such a culture by starting it in P1. Hopefully, the mini-Gleers will become part of the School Glee Choir.

Is it Different?

The basics of the Challenge are the same in that the school establishes a P1-P4 Glee choir and runs it and we will provide support. The choirs from the different schools will come together to perform, however, this time it will be on a community/ high school stage.


In addition the groups will participate without the added pressures of fielding a competitive set. Schools in this division will perform a minimum of two contrasting pieces to an audience of supporters and fans and receive valuable feedback from our judges. However these groups will not be scored nor be eligible for awards in other words there will be no competitive element.

How do I join up?

The mini-Glee Challenge is for P1-P4 children in any school. However, for 2018 the Mini Glee Challenge is being limited to the Forth Valley area to allow us to develop and build the model. It is hoped that we will roll out the Challenge to more areas for 2019. If your school  is in the Forth Valley area and you wish to join please contact us.

St Jospeh's Primary School, Mildura Eistredfodd. ©Carmel Zaccone

'When we practice all we see is little noses pressed against the glass while watching the  Glee choir desperate to join in'