This year our Scottish Primary School Glee Challenge stopped halfway which meant that half of our registered choirs did not get the chance to take to the stage. That's over 3000 children! So we had a think about it - how can we change the challenge to allow everyone the chance to sing and perform? The answer - a virtual Glee choir to fill a virtual stage. So why not join us?


A virtual choir is a choir that brings together singers from around the world or in our case Scotland and their love of music in a new way through the use of technology. Singers record their performance and upload their videos from where ever they are and these are put together to make one performance.

How will it work? We will hold workshops based on our chosen songs featuring different parts of the song and routine so you can rehearse the song and any moves. Then we will provide you with instructions about how to record and send us a copy of your video. You will need to register to access the music and the Facebook group page and we do need parents/carers permission. We will then try to put all the videos into one video performance which we will stream.


How do I Register?  This bit is important. ONLY your parents/carers can register you. We will need a confirmed email address and children registered have to be  between Primary 1 - 7 at a Scottish Primary School or for home schooled children resident in Scotland. . Photographic permission is also required to allow us to use any submissions and this is particularly so for the final submission. If you are a teacher/choir leader running your Glee choir on-line and wish to submit a choir video you must contact us by email at 


To get involved fill out the form below and we will provide all the information that you need


Thanks for registering!