The Scottish Primary School           Glee Signing Challenge


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Registrations for the The Scottish Primary School Glee Signed Challenge are now open.


Registration and participation is free for all schools. 


The set song is available now with further resources available and building from the 5th October 2020

  • Teachers/Choir Leaders must register to gain access to all Challenge Resources

  • Teachers/Choir Leaders should be sure to register all participating schools

  • if you are running multiple choirs, if possible, please include all choir leaders to ensure easier login arrangements

Please ensure all email addresses entered in registration are accurate and valid.  


All communication about the Glee Challenge will be sent to supplied email addresses by registering you agree to receive updates relating to the Glee Challenges.   Please keep an eye out for any updates.

To register apply via the MEMBERS ZONE to gain access to all Resources. Go to the members zone and  apply by pressing the Sign Up with email box and create your own password. We will then email you to confirm some details and once that has been completed you may access all the materials on the members zone.


Overview of (Phase 1) the SIGNING Challenge


Register your School to join and gain access to the Challenge resources.


It's free to take part but its not free to run. Any help you can give would be really appreciated.


The set song is at the heart of the Glee Challenge. 


A wee bio of our Tutors 


Resources for Choir Leaders/Teachers