The Frisson Foundation

Scottish Primary School Glee Challenge 2019

The search for the best Primary School Show Choir performers in Scotland has begun.

Taking its inspiration from the iconic Glee TV series the Challenge is the largest primary school competition of its nature in Scotland. However, it is more than a competition, the Challenge is an inclusive  music and dance education programme directed at the whole school. 


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While there is no doubt that the Frisson Challenge has a competitive element the main purpose of the programme is to provide educational and performance opportunities for young performers.  It is our aim to ensure that every child who participates in the Challenge grows not only their singing and dancing skills, but more importantly life skills, teamwork skills, self-discipline and confidence. We know from experience that the Challenge brings benefit to children, teachers, schools and school communities. Many of our participating schools have reported improvements in behaviour, greater motivation, greater identification with the school and increased parent participation.

What the Children Say

and some of the school staff