The Scottish Primary School Glee Signing Challenge 20/21

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The Glee Challenge 2021 


How will the Glee Challenge work this year?


This year the Glee Challenge will take place in phases.  Phase one will be a “Signing Choir” Challenge.  Phase two will be a “Christmas Song” Challenge, again this will be signed.  Phase 3 will be restriction dependent but there will be another set song.  Signing will continue to play a part and will be encouraged through the whole Challenge.


Registered choirs will be sent an email confirmation containing the password to access to our educational resources which will include lesson plans, videos and activity sheets.  We will also provide links to other helpful resources.  This will be made available after the October break.  Everything will be accessible via our Website ( and we will also have Glee 2021 Facebook page which will be a closed group for registered schools, where you can ask questions and chat to other members.


Why is the Glee Challenge needed?


Our Aim: to help promote inclusive communication and well being in our schools


We know that this year, many children have been affected by lockdown.  Some may have been unable to access online learning and others may not have had access to a garden or suitable outdoor space, some may have had to remain isolated for health reasons.  All of this can have impacted on their health and wellbeing so by bringing Glee back into the classrooms this can help to address feelings of loneliness and sadness. Improving communication for all children we believe will make a great contribution at this time.  


Our research shows that participation in the Glee Challenge can contribute to children’s health and wellbeing.  It builds self-confidence and teamworking.  It can help improve student engagement, attendance and we all know that there is a very strong link between music learning and literacy & numeracy. 

How does this year’s Glee Challenge fit with the Covid-19 Guidelines?


The guidance is that for the moment no-one, including children, may sing indoors or outdoors.    Which is why we would like the children to sign this year.   This is an activity that can be conducted in individual class bubbles and as with everything Glee by learners in P1-P7.  


The Government guidance for outdoor activities states that “Dance” is recommended as a suitable outdoor providing the correct physical distancing is observed by both the children and the teachers.   This year rather than leaving the dance element to the end why not start it now.  The playground can be marked out and children and can dance solo or in small groups within their box.  


Of course, the usual guidance applies with regard to hand hygiene, exit and entry routes to and from the building. As ever check your own school's arrangements for the management of Covid 19  

Getting started on the 2021 Glee Challenge


The SIGNING Challenge is available to all schools and registration is FREE. Simply REGISTER to get started. 


Overview of the SIGNING Challenge


Register your School to join and gain access to the Challenge resources.


It's free to take part but its not free to run. Any help you can give would be really appreciated.


The set song is at the heart of the Glee Challenge. 


A wee bio of our Tutors 


Resources for Choir Leaders/Teachers

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