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Sponsorship Opportunities

Frisson Foundation is a small charity with a big reach and even bigger ambitions. 

Our Brand

We are fun.

We are high energy and modern.

We are open to all.

Our Events

We hold over 40 events each year across much of Scotland with audiences ranging from 450 to 1700. 

Events are attended by school children and their friends and family, promoted on our website, facebook page and  in schools.


At the events the school choirs perform their Glee songs they've been working on for months in the hope that they'll be chosen to progress to the next stage of the Challenge.


Events are structured as a series of heats, regional finals and the final festival where the Scottish Glee Champions are chosen. 

Our Reach

In 2020 we will be reaching the following numbers:

220 primary schools from 19 Scottish Regions

7500 primary school pupils and their families

c. 30000 audience members

c. Facebook posts average 6000 impressions

Our Future

Since its formation in 2015 the Frisson Foundation has maintained a 40% growth rate year on year. 

Frisson Foundation has plans to expand their offering to Seconary Schools, roll our the Mini-Glee programme to young choirs and provide greater opportunities through our Young Performers Spotlight.

The Frisson Foundation model is highly sustainable, with the majority of revenue being generated through ticket sales  and costs kept to a minimum by a dedicated team of volunteers.

However, any new endevours require initial funding. We are seeking sponsorship to work in partnership with local and national businesses that share our ethos and enthusiasm for the potential of the young people of Scotland

What we can offer

We will tailor any sponsorship deal to ensure your business can make the most of this opportunity. Below are a number of things we can offer in return for one off or continued sponsorship. 

Increased company profile and awareness throughout Scotland.

Opportunity to promote products, brands, and services. 

Opportunity to generate new business and income.

Potential to reach over 30,000 people.

Engage with more than 7500 children and c. 220 schools.

Headline events across most of Scotland​​​.

Glee is not just for children, Glee is for everyone and for larger sponsorship deals we can provide team building Glee workshops to your company. Help you create an office choir and have you join us at one of our events.

If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity please contact us at

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