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Submitting Your Video

We won't be asking you to upload for a while but here's some tips just now.


For a successful upload, you're going to need a few things: a laptop or desktop computer, headphones or earphones, and a mobile device - both Android and iPhone will work. 


You should have these already but you will need the tracks and the lyrics


For each song, click the link to download and print lyrics.


Hopefully you will have been practicing singing with headphones/earphones but practice some more. You can try and play the video with the lyrics on the screen and sing along with it.

STEP 3 – Recording your Voice

You will need two devices, one to play the music as you listen through headphones/earphones/earbuds and one to record your performance.

Set up one device to record your performance. Your camera must be in landscape (see picture below) and be positioned to capture your performance. This may take more than one attempt.

Try and choose a room without too much echo so carpets and curtains help dampen any sound or echo.

With your headphones/earphones on listen to the backing track and when you’re ready sing along while recording your voice on the second device. You may want to practice this a few times.

Make sure that you are only recording your own voice singing and not the backing track.

You can if you want just submit your voice video (see Step 5 below on how to submit)

STEP 4 – Recording your moves

You can just do what you did for Step 3 above and record your dance moves with headphones/earphones/earbuds on. But if you want to show off your dance moves without the headphones/earphones/earbuds then follow this step.

Again you will need two devices, one to play the backing track and one to record your dance moves. This time we don’t want you to sing.

Set up the devices as before. Your camera must be in landscape and positioned to capture your performance. As before this may take more than one attempt

With the backing track (the track without vocals) playing perform your dance routine. If it helps you can mouth the words but we don’t want you to sing on this one.  

STEP 5 and STEP 6

Don't Submit yet

Submission Instructions to come


Can I use my mobile phone to do this?

Yes, the automatic video record facility on my most mobile phones should do the job

May I upload another set of videos replacing the old ones?

Yes. The latest submissions under the same participant will be used if possible.

When do I submit my video?

We will announce the submission period soon

How do I submit my video?

We will announce this in a few weeks but remember you will have to have your parent/carer’s consent

What happens after I have submitted my videos?

We will attempt to synchronize and combine each one of submitted videos into one single performance to create the Virtual Choir. Any videos submitted may be used by The Frisson Foundation for promotional or publicity reasons.  

I am a not involved in the Scottish Primary School Glee Challenge. Am I able to participate and submit my videos? 

Yes, as long as you attend a Scottish Primary School and are resident in Scotland you are welcome to join in.

May I use “Light Up” and “Unbreakable” in my choir concerts?

We are happy to know people like our songs but we only have these with permission. Please contact us at for permission.

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