THe Scottish Primary SChool

VIrTual Glee




Welcome from Linda our Co-CEO/Co-Founder

You've made it

You've made it through to what could be the biggest Glee choir ever. You will by now have registered. Remember you can only take part if you have your carers/parent's permission.


If you have been a member of Glee before then you will know what it's all about, if you haven't, don't worry it's all very easy. All you need to do is dance, sing or sign and perform just a little bit.

This page will give access to the songs that we're going to sing, the lyrics and the backing track. You can download, you may have to ask your parents/carers to do this. 

Oh and remember to keep your welcome email so you can link to this page

How to join in?

Choose which song you would

like to record, or record both

Watch the rehearsal videos

and practice

Record yourself, singing and dancing along with the backing tracks


Upload your file or files

Listen now to get started