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We have collected together all the common queries regarding our Glee Challenge experience. If you can't find the answer you're looking for do reach out and ask us directly. 

  • Where can I find the rules and regulations
    A link to the full rules and regulations can be found on the registration page
  • Where and when will the 2025 heats be held?
    We have still to conclude certain aspects of our negotiations. However, it is highly anticipated that the following venues will be on the roster - Alhambra Theatre, Dunfermline - Central halls, Stirling - Central Hall, Edinburgh - Hamilton Town Hall, Hamilton - Music Hall, Aberdeen - Perth Concert Hall - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow - Usher Hall, Edinburgh under consideration - Eden Court, Inverness We'll announce dates as soon as we can.
  • What information or support will I get?
    Once the registration process including invoicing is complete you will - be able to access the members zone (from September 2024) - support videos e.g. warm up - set song resources for both songs- video, lyrics, backing track, workbook exercises and signing resources where applicable - song/artist choice lists - be able to access the Facebook private group page - for discussion, update etc - be able to attend teacher workshops in person(on line support) and hopefully we'll be able to run workshops which will involve children in each area (we'll announce details when we can) -
  • In what way does a Glee choir differ from a 'normal' school choir.
    Firstly, there's no such thing as a 'normal' school choir every choir is unique. However, a Glee Choir also known as a show choir has to sing, dance and perform.
  • How do I register?
    You can find the registration form on the main site just click the green button 'save my spot'
  • How do I pay my registration fee?
    Please wait until you have received an invoice
  • Why is there a potential penalty clause for cancellation?
    We want children to have as positive and memorable an experience as we can possibly provide and performing in a half empty hall does not achieve this. However, there are huge financial considerations and to date we do not receive any funding We plan the events in good faith and commit fairly large sums of money in booking the halls, in the same way as you would book a wedding these have to be paid up front in many cases and are subject to fairly tight contractual agreements . A late cancellation may mean that we may not be able to meet the costs of the event due to reduced ticket sales and in some cases may mean that we have to refund tickets - box offices charge us directly for any refunds given. also
  • I'm not sure about the size of my choir, do I need it for registration?
    We understand that you may not be sure of your choir size at this stage and we will ask you to confirm numbers later. However, it helps us; with the planning and booking of halls; identify how many schools we can fit in each event and decisde whether we need to ask schools to consider other areas and/or manage waiting lists. l
  • What is the cost of registration?
    For all early bird entrant i.e. before 1st July £50. For all entrants after this date £60
  • Do we have to sign the set song in full or can we sign just part of it?
    We want our Glee Choirs to be inclusive so we would like to see Signing (Makaton, BSE) incorporated within the performance for the first song. The level of signing within the song is up to you, it could be for the whole song or just the chorus, conducted by the whole choir or a group within the choir. Again, resources, staff and time will play a part here. Please note that the signing used in our videos is BSL/SSE, you can use Makaton if you wish,. Please see our signing lesson plans for more background. Please note that this applies across both set songs unless otherwise stated ​
  • Can we use our own backing track for the set song or sing it A capella?
  • Do we have to sign the first song in full or can we sign just part of it?
  • I can't access the first set song
    If you've lost your password to access the first set song please contact us at
  • Can we choose any second song?
    Sort of -Journey's 'Don't Stop Believin', Tonights Going to be a Good Night (Black Eyed Peas), Hall of Fame (The Script). Please check for up to date exceptions. However, the song should be appropriate, so please check the lyrics etc. This year's theme is SCOTTISH ARTISTS/BANDS and you must choose a song from the list of artists or bands provided. The choir is judged on song, dance, teamwork and performance so please bear that in mind when choosing the song. Finally please check the song length both songs must fit within the 9 minute limit. The list and the set song will not be available until after summer break.
  • What is role of the set song?
    There are two set songs one set song for the heats another set song for the regional finals The idea behind the set songs is to provide a common base for comparing schools when performing at the events. The set songs represent a challenge in themselves and more often than not they represent different challenges. Whilst it is up to each choir as to how it interprets the set song - all choirs must use the backing track provided and for the first set song the choir must sign at least part of the song. The set songs are based on the theme
  • How do we find backing tracks
    Backing tracks for the set songs will be available via the website and must be used by all choirs. You may wish to source your own backing track for the second song, if you are having difficulty in doing so please get in touch
  • How do we choose the second song?
    The second song is chosen by the choir and should be chosen in line with the theme which this year is Scottish artists. This year the songs must be chosen from the list of artists provided, if you wish to choose a song/artist not on the list please get in touch. The list will be made available after the summer holidays. Please note that if another choir in your region has already chosen your song option you will not be able to choose it.
  • Why are there two set songs?
    There are two set songs one for the heats and one for the regional finals. Schools can then choose which of the set songs they will perform at the National Final should they qualify. You may find it useful to work with both songs from the outset
  • Who are the judges?
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