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'Sing your song.

Dance your dance.

Tell your Story.

I will listen and remember.'

                        Utah Phillips

"An education in music and the arts builds self-esteem, improves behaviour and social skills, and increases broader academic achievement. These are opportunities that should be available to everyone.''


'When I look out to the playground there are pockets of children all over trying new ideas'

'Teachers and parents are noting a changed atmosphere in the school with children carrying their heads high and acting with confidence'

Thank you so much for organising this project. The amount of fun, learning and exercise it has generated has been amazing. I attended the event in ......... this week to watch my daughter ........who has cerebral palsy take part with her school, ....... My daughter struggles to walk and yet with the support of her incredible teachers she has danced and sung in the most inclusive way possible. There were many children with other types of disability within the team too . All the actions were designed so that no-one felt left out and everyone played an important role within a strong team. I also loved the sign language
elements of the songs performed by some of the schools.

Thank you to everyone.

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