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The Frisson Foundation

The Scottish Primary School Glee Challenge

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The Scottish Primary School Glee Challenge 2025.

In 2025 The Frisson Foundation celebrates its tenth year. During that time over 35000 children and approximately 300 Glee choirs have been formed. We have held 172 events hand around 80,000-90000 supporters have turned out in support. This year we hope to grow the Challenge even further and make this tenth anniversary special we even hope that the 2025 National Final will be our 200th event. .

The Challenge therefore continues to be Scotland’s largest most inclusive school singing, dance, performance and choir initiative and engages with thousands of primary school children creating opportunities and benefits for school communities across Scotland. To support schools we also provide access to a range of resources for participating schools including videos, signed video instructions, lesson plans, backing tracks and lyrics.  This year we hope to bring back in person workshops for teachers and choir leaders. 


The Challenge started in 2013 as a small local fundraiser but it wasn't until 2015 that the Frisson Foundation was established and the seeds were sown for a National Challenge  and the Scottish Primary School Glee was created. The Challenge continued in various hybrid  hybrid formats through the Covid years and we were one of the very first to host a Virtual Choir Challenge and in 2022 we held a hybrid Challenge and again were one of the first organisations to come back with a live event - our 2022 National Final.


Glee Challenge made its full comeback 2022/23 against quite a turbulent backdrop of covid recovery and industrial unrest. However, the response was fantastic with 120 schools joining.  Figures were just shy of 4000 pupils, taking part in 18 events and audience figures around 12000 across all the events. Head teachers, teachers, schools staff, parents and children all expressed their delight in having the Challenge back  and the atmosphere and excitement in all the venues was second to none. So, with such a warm welcome back he decision to bring back the Challenge back for 2023/24 was a little easier.

Last year 2023/24 saw the Challenge resume the growth pattern we experienced prior to the pandemic years with 150 choirs, 4500-5000 children, 27 events and record attendances of 16000 at the events.  The growth was such that we were able to add two more of Scotland's iconic halls to our roster - Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow and the Usher Hall, Edinburgh. Next year we will also be adding The Music Hall, Aberdeen


The financial climate continues to be a difficult one for everyone. The flexibility and cost structures available when hiring venues prior to the pandemic are no longer available to us but we continue to work hard to ensure that our costs are as low as possible to ensure the Challenge is available to everyone. This does mean at time that there are a limited number of events and places available. We will continue to work hard to ensure our events are accessible as possible and monitor our ticket prices for carers/parents.    

 KEY STEPS (Please see rules for a fuller discussion) 


Registration Phase  – we are inviting schools to form a Glee Choir and register no later than 23rd September 2024 to take part in the qualifying heats  Where a school from a local authority which is not listed wishes to enter or their local authority area is oversubscribed there will be the opportunity to attend a heat in a neighbouring region. Please note there is no video route this year and spaces will be allocated on a first come first served basis. 


Sectionals/Heats – choirs will perform two songs (set song, to be announced shortly and one other of their own choosing) at their allocated heats. One of our wider aims is to promote inclusive communication and signing in the set song will continue to be encouraged as part of our Challenge. For the avoidance of doubt these are live performances in a venue. 


Area/Regional Finals – sectional winners will automatically go forward to the regional finals and the next best scoring choirs across all heats will be invited to attend one of the live Regional Finals. There is a different set song for the Area/Regional Finals.

National Final –The winners of each Regional Final, and should space permit the next best scoring choirs across all regions, will be invited to join the National Final.


The National Final will be held on June 15th at the Caird Hall, Dundee (TBC)

Full set of Rules & Regulations (download here)

Register here

Registration Fee is £50 per choir for continuing choirs, Early bird entries i.e. entries before the 26th June  £50. For entries after the 26th June registration will be £60  


On receipt of your registration form you will be invoiced. Please await your invoice. Entries are only valid once payment is received. You will be able to pay either by BACS or card.


The registration fee for each additional choir is £30. 

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