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In the ten years since its inception The Frisson Foundation has established itself as one of Scotland's leading children's music charities.  Using music and song, through our Glee Challenge, we benefit the lives of school children throughout Scotland. Season after season, our Glee Challenges and supporting programmes widen opportunities, celebrate performances and engage with schools and their communities in a unique and memorable fashion.


Our Work

We believe that all children regardless of background should have access to music and song but it is more difficult for schools to provide than ever. Through our Glee Challenge the Frisson Foundation provides teachers and schools with the resources, skills and confidence to lead music themselves.

The voice is the most accessible instrument of all and we help schools use it to give every child in their school a voice. 

Our Glee Challenge does this by using songs that are meaningful and accessible for all, providing engaging resources that can be used in school, supporting schools and providing an opportunity to celebrate performance. 

The Challenge and the Challenge events offer unmatched music education, performance opportunities and connection with young people (see IMPACT below). You can support the Challenge in a numbers of ways


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