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In the ten years since its inception The Frisson Foundation has established itself as one of Scotland's leading children's music charities.  Using music and song, through our Glee Challenge, we benefit the lives of school children throughout Scotland. Season after season, our Glee Challenges and supporting programmes widen opportunities, celebrate performances and engage with schools and their communities in a unique and memorable fashion.


Our Work

We believe that all children regardless of background should have access to music and song but it is more difficult for schools to provide than ever. Through our Glee Challenge the Frisson Foundation provides teachers and schools with the resources, skills and confidence to lead music themselves.

The voice is the most accessible instrument of all and we help schools use it to give every child in their school a voice. 

Our Glee Challenge does this by using songs that are meaningful and accessible for all, providing engaging resources that can be used in school, supporting schools and providing an opportunity to celebrate performance. 

The Challenge and the Challenge events offer unmatched music education, performance opportunities and connection with young people (see IMPACT below). You can support the Challenge in a numbers of ways


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For 2024








Head Teachers report

  • improved attendance

  • improved engagement

  • improved language & communication

  • improved behaviour

Children tell us about

  • greater confidence

  • stronger relationships

  • being more positive

  • 95% of them tell us that Glee is FUN

Carers/Parents report

  • children with improved confidence

  • improved behaviour

  • greater willingness to attend school

  • smiles

The research tells us that singing can 

  • help reduce the attainment gap

  • improve achievement

  • create a stronger school identity/culture

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Every year, we hold a series of medium to large-scale events which brings choirs from across Scotland's primary schools together to create unique, collaborative, cooperative and transformative performances.

Our Glee singers work hard to learn to perform and to sign contemporary songs for large audiences of parents, carers and supporters in some of Scotland's leading venues. All of these perfomances celebrate individual and collective success and allow children to discover the power of making their voice heard, both on and off the stage. 

Each year, the Glee Challenge programme, performance and event schedule offer unique opportunities for celebration and recognition. Custom sponsorship and recognition opportunities are available at a variety of levels and across all of our events. 

The cost of the events is the most significant obstacle to our choirs' participation in the Glee Challenge experiences. Event sponsorship would significantly reduce the financial burden on singers, their families and partner organisations, and offers opportunities for local and National Recognition.

To learn more about sponsorship of the Primary School Glee Challenge, please contact Bill Breckenridge, Co-Founder/Co-CEO.


call 07916444493


20 Regional Heats
6 Regional Finals
Albert Halls, Stirling
Alhambra Theatre, Fife
Beach Ballroom, Aberdeen
Caird Hall, Dundee
Central Halls, Edinburgh
Town House, Hamilton

Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Caird Hall, Dundee
National Final 

The 2023 National Final had a live audience of 1200 and an online reach of 7.7k



help empower our young singers to imagine a future strengthened by song.

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Music is a powerful asset, and children who engage in musical learning gain intellectual, emotional, and social advantages that can transform their lives.

Join us at The Frisson  Foundation to help provide access for children to high-quality music education experiences, regardless of their background, location or means. This will enable us to continue to widen and improve opportunities for children across Scotland.


When you donate to The Frisson Foundation, you support our mission to deliver music education to more children, helping them find and use their voice.

Every donation makes a difference

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