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The Scottish Primary School           Glee Signing Challenge



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Support Our Work


The Frisson Foundation is an independent national voice within the music industry. It receives no funding and relies primarily on ticket revenues and the goodwill on a large number of music industry  professionals in order to exist. Your support is fundamental to the future of the Glee Challenges and the work we do in the music community.

With your support you can make us stronger and enable thousands of Scotland's kids per annum to gain access to quality musical learning experiences.  The Frisson Foundation is calling out for donations to help us and continue the work of our music education programmes into the future by providing more of Scotland's children with access to free, quality music education within their schools. Even a small donation makes an enormous difference.

International research has demonstrated that children who learn music and arts have improved educational, social and personal outcomes. Evidence suggests that music and singing was under pressure in schools prior to the Covid 19 outbreak and since lockdown has come under even greater pressure. The Glee Challenges fills a critically important gap.

The Glee Challenges and the supporting resources are free for participating schools and children and open to all, with a specific emphasis of accessibility.

  • As the largest independent school music programme in the country it plays a key role as a national enabler of school music education

  • Last year it reached over 7000 children students, and 220 schools in more than 50% of Scotland's regional authorities

  • It connects  schools and communities in diverse geographical areas from Moray through the central belt to the Scottish Borders.

  • The Glee Challenge enhances learning experiences, improves attainment, increases appreciation of music, improves confidence and social interaction for young children

  • Teachers/Choir Leaders require no music experience to participate in the programme, making it accessible to all children of all abilities

  • The Glee Challenges help to builds confidence and ability for teachers and school staff, some of whom have little or no experience teaching music. It facilitates free professional development opportunities integrated with superior resources

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