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The Set Songs

The set songs provide the opportunity for all choirs to work on the same piece with some support and provides an anchor for the chosen Challenge theme. It also provides an opportunity for comparison  at the heats and finals across all choirs. Set Song 1 is the song for all heats, Set Song 2 for the regional finals. Either of the set songs may be selected for the National Final  


Set Song 1 

Time is Now - One more Song

This song is provided in partnership with One More Song. Key elements for this song are provided via their web site to which you will have been provided a single use password. 

Set Song 2

Love Song to the Earth - Rico Bernasconi (Radio Mix) 

 'Love song to the Earth' backing track has been generously provided by Rico Bernasconi. The supporting materials lyrics, backing track, lyric videos, signing video and activities can all be found here. This set song will be used for the regional finals. 

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