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For 2021 the phase of the SCOTTISH Primary School Glee Challenge has been established as a series of Challenges. Phase 1 - Heroes (still open); Phase 2 - Christmas Challenge (closed) Phase 3- Health and Wellbeing opens January 2021.  Our Signing Challenge is now embedded throughout all of our challenges. 

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  • CLPL* 

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    • Glee Choir Leaders​

    • Improve your School through Song

  • Choir Workshops​*

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  •  Choir Support*

  • Frisson Foundation TV Channel*

*Please note that due to COVID restrictions a number of our programmes and/or programme supports have been adjusted, delayed or suspended.

What we do:  The Frisson Foundation provides performance opportunities for children and young people from all backgrounds across Scotland to support their development and mental, emotional, social  and physical wellbeing.