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Frisson Foundation

Scotland's Largest Singing Initiative

The Frisson Foundation is a small charity established by it's co-founders and CEO's Bill and Linda Breckenridge with a view to widening chances for young people and to get Scotland's children singing with all the benefits that  brings. From small beginnings with 5 choirs and using their own resources and time they have successfully established the charity and its work as one of the largest singing initiatives in Scotland.  In 2019 a record 176 schools entered the Glee Challenge involving over 6000 children, 170 workshops were delivered and the Challenge took place in 16 Scottish regions.

As we move forward to 2020 with the co-founders still at the helm and their guiding  vision of widening opportunity through free access for schools, The Frisson Foundation is undergoing a further strategic period of growth, working to meet demand set by schools and their wider communities. We are planning to roll out our Mini-Glee Programme to more regions. We will be inviting High School Glee Choirs to perform at events and providing them with CPD and Workshops. 

The Frisson Foundation also continues to look our for Young Performers who may be interested in performing at our many events across Scotland.

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