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On the Day

In line with our 2021 themes of INCLUSIVE COMMUNICATION and resilience we are asking schools to end this school year with a flourish and join in with our live broadcast on Make Music Day and SIGN the Make Music Day Anthem : Stand by Me

How will it work on the day?

1. We will live broadcast from a selected lead school. This will be supported by three/four other schools the numbers are limited by the technology. The broadcast will be UK wide.
2. The broadcast will be hosted and all schools are asked to switch on, join in and sign along.
3. The broadcast will feature
a) the hosted broadcast from the lead school
b) the opportunity for three possibly four schools to join the live stream
c) a compilation of work conducted over the year (e.g. Signing 'Heroe's')
d) the results of the poetry and storytelling competitions
e) video messages from all participating schools (please remember to
send in your video messages)
f) a message from Layla
g) countdown to the joint sign along with the lead choirs ( we hope to be
able to screen all the livestream performances on one multiscreen) 4. All participating schools will be asked to film their performance and post it to the social media wall and these will be used to create a compilation video.
5. For those schools joining the live stream the process is straightforward
a) using a mobile phone link to the live stream 5 minutes i.e. 11.35 am
before the broadcast (the MMD broadcast team will provide us with
the link)
b) keep the phone/camera link open for the duration of the broadcast
c) at some point at the beginning of the broadcast you and your children
will be asked to say hello (the broadcast team will look after all the
necessary technical details at there end)
d) let the kids have fun
6. This is a UK wide broadcast so please ensure that permissions are in place for all participants
7. The show will be recorded

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