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Young Artist Performance Opportunities

Are you a singer or musician?


Would you like to be part of one of the newest innovative and fastest growing school music projects in Scotland?


Do you want to perform in front of a large lively audience in some of the best and biggest venues in Scotland?


Could your story provide inspiration for young primary school children that could lead them to pursue their musical dream?

We are always looking for new local talent to perform at our Challenge. With audiences ranging from 450 - 1200 plus people we can help provide a platform for your skills while at the same time providing that frisson of excitement for all our entrants.

We will work with you on any technical requirements you may have, rehearsal and sound checks on the day. We will also promote you and your music on our website, facebook and other social media pages.

It's a great experience and tremendous opportunity - if you want to know more contact us at


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